All About Team Management at MetaSoccer

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June 28, 2022

MetaSoccer is in full throttle, and while you are enjoying the first matches in PvE mode and your due rewards, we keep working on new features that will improve your gaming experience.

And today is with utmost joy that we release the Team Management feature, a new section in the clubs that allows you to create teams.

Per definition, each user will have a not assigned team, named “MSU”, where all the players in the wallet will be, as well as newly bought players. 

Upon launching, it won’t be possible to name your various teams; they will instead be numbered by order of creation, so “MSU #1”, “MSU #2” and so on. In future iterations we intend to give you the opportunity to name your club, and afterwards the various teams will be named after it, following the numbering system.

You’ll be able to create as many teams as you want and assign players to them. It will be possible to change the players from teams at any time, particularly beneficial for users who have a lot of players. It is also a great tool to create different types of teams for each of the tiers, broadening your earnings prospects and allowing you to try multiple strategies.

Once you finish selecting players for your teams, you’ll also have access to a summary about your average and potential, which provides a good insight to your team’s performance.

Creating a new team.

Moving a player to a different team.

Selecting a team for your current lienup.

We’re very happy with this new feature and it will certainly make your gaming experience better!