Bear Market: Is There a Way Out with MetaSoccer?

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June 29, 2022

Recently, the crypto community has been facing adversities, as the market has been sustaining major impacts, with some projects having to come to an early term.

This is what we call a bear market, when a market (cryptocurrencies) experiences prolonged price declines — it is believed that the term comes from the attack of a bear.

As in real economy, when the big one sneezes (USA) the rest of the world gets a cold. So now that Bitcoin (BTC) is in a bear market, the rest of crypto coins — and by extension, a lot of blockchain projects — are getting a cold.

However, we need to “bear” in mind that a cold is not a death threat, and although it may last longer than we’d like, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

MSU will go through this winter, but first, two questions:

  • Is this the end of Bitcoin? No, and you can learn more about it here
  • How long will this winter last? Nobody knows, but let's have a closer look.

First, review historic BTC prices (in log-scale) where we have added the dates (vertical lines) of the Bitcoin halvings. We can see a correlation between the halving and the next bubble in Bitcoin price, a bubble followed by a bear market, until it stabilizes again.

Price of BTC in log. Lines represent the dates where halving of BTC occurs, and dots mark the maximum between halving, and the minimum price between the maximum and the halving.

Second, if we compare the current bear market with the previous crypto winters, we can see that so far there is nothing out of “normal.”

BTC price fall from the maximum after each halving.

Now you might be wondering, “Wait! Have we been in a crypto-winter for 200 days?”

And as surprising as it may seem, the answer is “Yes.”

Think of it this way, when there is a week of cold, and then comes the sun, nobody calls that winter, but after you’ve been in a bear market for several months, you start to call it (and only then) winter. You realize you’re in winter only after several months.

So, the winter will end — we don’t know when (it can be happening right now) — but we expect the next bull run will be triggered by the next halving of Bitcoin in 2024. 

How will MSU go through the crypto-winter? 

MetaSoccer is taking actions in our tokenomics to ease the effects of the winter.

As you can read in more detail in our White Paper, every month we unlock 6.3M MSU for playing and staking rewards. We have decided to halve the monthly unlock to reduce the increase of circulating MSU during this bear period.

This measure will not impact the current reward system, as we already had accumulated enough MSU rewards with the previous unlocks for the upcoming months (that’s why we are reducing the unlock). The rewards pool is also fed with 55% of all MSU spent in the game (through scouting, transfers, etc.), so we can guarantee that there will be enough rewards for any new MetaSoccer participant.

Also, we created a long-term staking of MSU to reward those who will spend the winter with us. This staking will last for 1.5 years with a minimum of 3 months of staking time. This staking is now live and it encompasses a total of 10M MSU rewards.

On top of that, we've also triplicated the MSC liquidity to reduce the volatility of our secondary token.

What about the MetaSoccer project?

The MetaSoccer manager game project is solidly funded and backed by a team of experts and investors throughout the world.

These types of games have been here for a while, with some of the main franchises lasting almost 30 years. MetaSoccer targets a broad audience and has a strong community backing. Our infrastructure will solidly help us create a strong and long-standing soccer manager blockchain game that will be played for many years to come.

Stick with us, and hold your BTC and MSU!