Bundles Available in MetaSoccer’s Marketplace

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June 30, 2022

Our Marketplace will also continue to expand, and we have just released a new section that will allow you to buy complete teams. These bundles are made of between 11 to 18 players and will not be created by users — they are automatically generated by grouping individual players that are for sale in the Marketplace. This means that the price of a bundle equals the sum of the price of each of the players that are part of it. Once a team is sold, the owner of each player will receive the value they asked for the sale of their player. Players that are part of bundles can also be purchased solo in the Marketplace, in the respective section. If that happens, they are removed from the bundle and a new player will replace them.

The possibility to buy ahead up to 18 players is a great advantage for two reasons: you are able to try out different mixes of players and see what works best and in the future, once substitutions are released you already have a team with enough members to do so.

In the Marketplace you’ll be able to filter teams by their current and potential, and they will be ordered from the lowest to the highest price. By clicking on the team you can check all the characteristics of the different players.

This feature facilitates the entrance into the soccer metaverse. You no longer have to purchase or mint several new players, and with one simple transaction you’re ready to play.

We’re eager to know your opinion about this new way of getting a MetaSoccer team, that will certainly facilitate the entrance into the soccer metaverse!