Champions Council: MetaSoccer’s Second DAO Voting

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January 24, 2023

Our community is very important for MetaSoccer, and we love that you participate in the game evolution. Now you have a new opportunity to have a say in MetaSoccer’s second DAO voting. MetaSoccer runs its own decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in which our assets’ holders take part — the Champions Council, and you may join here if you fulfill the criteria.

The voting system of the DAO will be the following:

  • 1 MSU = 1 point (non-staked MSU)
  • 1 Youth Scout Pioneers = 5,000 points

Second DAO Voting Topic 1: Players Aging

The first topic to be voted on concerns the aging of the players. Over the last few weeks, some community members suggested that players stop aging until the game is further developed — and we wanted to submit a vote for it.

It is not possible to completely freeze the age of players in order to prevent them from aging due to various game incompatibilities. However, it is possible to limit their aging process and set a maximum age limit of 35 years old. This way, players would not reach the age of retirement and continue to be available for selection in the game.

There are two options in which holders will be able to vote.

Option 1

Leave it as it is. You can pick this option if you think there’s nothing wrong with the current aging process or if you don’t like the other solution we are able to offer.

Option 2

Set a maximum age limit of 35 years old. Players will age normally but never exceed 35 years of age.

Second DAO Voting Topic 2: New Formations

The second topic to be voted on concerns the new formations to be included in the game. We are going to add new formations and we would like you to tell us which one you prefer to play in your team.

We propose four options in which holders will be able to vote.

Option 1

4-3-3 B change LB, CB, CB, RB, CM, CM,CAM, LW CF/ST RW

Option 2

3-4-3 A middle CB, CB, CB, LM, CDM, CM, RM, LW CF/ST RW

Option 3

4-2-4 LB, CB, CB, RB, CM, CM, LW LF RF RW

Option 4


We hope you’re as excited as we are with the upcoming voting and new changes in the game. If you have any questions or want to discuss the subject, head over to our Discord and Telegram channels, where you can catch the latest MetaSoccer chatter.