Club Overview: New Management Features Available

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July 26, 2022

To manage a great team, it’s important to gather as much data about it as possible. And for your team to stand out from the rest, start now by creating a name for yourself and constructing your own soccer brand so that it’s instantly recognizable, just like in real soccer.

The recently released Overview section is the first step toward establishing a presence.

There you’ll also see general information about your club, such as the number of teams and assets you own, as well as the amount of earned rewards.

Check back to see added features to the section, such as how many players you received through scouting, purchases, and the number of scoutings you performed.

In this section you’ll also be able to define the name of your club. You’ll see that your club was given an automatically generated name and acronym, and you can change it. All the teams you have will be named after your club acronym with a number in front.

The name of your club is a defining trait, so we recommend that you choose a name and stick to it. Once PvP is released, clubs will be able to recognize each other and build their reputations based on the name, so make sure you pick a good one!

You’ll also be able to select a logo for your club. There are several badges available, and you can even choose its color — there are many combinations you can select to build your first logo. We know that a lot of you have already personalized club logos, and we couldn’t praise you more for that, but for now you’ll have to pick one from the selection available.

We’re confident that the Overview is an important tool for you to have easier access to general information about your club and also to start defining who you truly want to be in the soccer metaverse.