Custom Tournaments Update

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April 24, 2023

Last month we launched the new game modality Custom Tournaments where you can create your own tournaments, with your own rules, and invite other players to compete.

We’re happy to announce that the beta version has just finished! Let’s discover the new options unlocked.


The first newness is the whitelist feature. The creator can now mark a tournament as public or private, and invite teams to join. The difference is clear — while public tournaments can be joined by anyone with a team that matches the specified level range of the tournament, private tournaments can only be joined by invited teams.

Note that as long as registration for a particular tournament is open, the creator can change the visibility of the competition from public to private or vice versa from the tournament page. Additionally, the creator can also update the list of invited teams.

On the other hand, invited teams will see the tournaments they have been invited to in the "Tournaments" section even if they haven't joined yet, making it easy to keep track of their invitations.

Exploration View

Secondly, an exploration view has been added to make it easier than ever to find the perfect competition. It includes filters to find tournaments by entry fee, team level, and number of participating teams, as well as a search bar to look for a particular tournament.

This new feature will allow players to easily find tournaments they are interested in! Now, users can see all public tournaments their team can join in one place and choose the ones that fit their preferences, eliminating the need to share links — a great way to discover new tournaments and expand the gaming experience.


Sponsorship has also been activated, allowing anyone to sponsor a tournament and increase the reward pool. This feature opens up opportunities for players to increase their winnings and adds an extra layer of excitement to the game! Creators can now get the support they need to increase the stakes and make the event even more thrilling.

Prize Pool Models

In the initial release of Custom Tournaments, three prize pool options were available. We have now included three additional prize pool models for the best 8, 10 and 20 teams, giving the creator of the tournament even more options to customize its tournament and make it as competitive and engaging as possible.

The creator of the tournament can now decide whether to distribute the rewards among a smaller group of the highest-performing teams or among a larger group of successful teams:

  • Option 1 - 1st 100%
  • Option 2 - 1st 50%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20%
  • Option 3 - 1st 40%, 2nd 25%, 3rd 15%, 4th 10%, 5th 6%, 6th 4%
  • Option 4 - 1st 30%, 2nd 20%, 3rd 14%, 4th 10%, 5th 8%, 6th 7%, 7th 6%, 8th 5%
  • Option 5 - 1st 24%, 2nd 15%, 3rd 12%, 4th 10%, 5th 9%, 6th 8%, 7th 7%, 8th 6%, 9th 5%, 10th 4%
  • Option 6 - 1st 15%, 2nd 10%, 3rd 8%, 4th 6%, 5th 6%, 6th 5%, 7th 5%, 8th 5%, 9th 5%, 10th 5%, 11th 3%, 12th 3%, 13th 3%, 14th 3%, 15th 3%, 16th 3%, 17th 3%, 18th 3%, 19th 3%, 20th 3%

Number of teams

Finally, we have increased the maximum number of teams that can participate in a tournament. Now, creators can choose to have a minimum of 6 teams and a maximum of 30 teams in their tournaments.

Certainly, by increasing the number of participants in a tournament, the prize pool will also increase. This means that creators can offer more lucrative rewards for their competitions, providing greater incentive for players to participate and compete.

These new options will enhance the Custom Tournaments experience for players and make it more immersive than ever before.

In addition, with the end of the beta version the entry fee cap has been removed. From now on, creators have all the flexibility to define the entry fee that players need to pay to join the tournament, allowing for a wider range of prize pools.

Keep an eye out for these features!