Get Your First MetaSoccer Bundle with a Credit Card

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December 2, 2022

Blockchain is one of the most powerful technologies to have appeared in the last few years, and it will certainly change the world we live in because its applications are endless and can benefit many industries.

The video game market has been most influenced by blockchain, surfacing a new category: crypto gaming, blockchain gaming or play-and-earn games.

The play-and-earn concept is simple yet brilliant: gamers are now able to profit from their skills, merging the enjoyable moments of gaming with the possibility of creating an income.

However, it’s not that easy to enter this world.

Anyone who wants to engage in play-and-earn games must first understand the basics of crypto — how to create a wallet, acquire tokens, or exchange them for fiat currencies.

MetaSoccer is aware that this learning curve has limited the mass adoption of the game, since some users are inexperienced, and despite being attracted to the game, they don’t know how to start.

We’ve been working on removing these entry barriers, so now it’s possible to directly acquire tokens with a credit card on our platform, and we have also integrated a custodial wallet.

Now, we’ve made the soccer metaverse even more accessible by enabling users to buy bundles with a credit card.

Until now, users had to acquire our token, $MSU, before they could purchase NFTs to play MetaSoccer. With the launch of this new credit card feature, users can skip the step of acquiring tokens and go straight into the market to acquire a bundle, a complete team of 11 to 18 players. With just a few clicks and within minutes, it’s possible for anyone to start playing — and earning!

Let’s see how this can be done.

After signing in, you can use numerous filters to find the players bundle that you want, creating your optimal team. You’ll then have the option to purchase a bundle with a single credit card transaction.

After that, you must make a one-time login with your phone number to ensure a secure payment.

You’ll receive a login code, which you must enter to proceed with the purchase.

Now it’s time to enter your credit card information.

Insert your billing address info, as you can see in the image below.

Then, you must enter some additional information.

The payment process is now started, and you’ll see the following message.

Wert is a third-party provider, which offers payment services for blockchain projects. It could take a few minutes for the transaction to be completed. You will receive an email notification when your bundle is available for you to use.

To complete the transaction, just enter your card CVV and click Confirm and Pay.

Afterward, the bundle you just acquired will then appear on your assets.

You may notice that when purchasing a bundle with credit card, there could be a slight price increase, compared to when buying them with tokens. That is due to possible pricing changes during purchases, as the value of tokens fluctuate. 

Put your soccer management skills to the test and enter MetaSoccer, where you can create an income out of your wins on the pitch. Time to hit the marketplace!