How to Create the Best MetaSoccer Team for Success

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September 23, 2022

MetaSoccer mimics real soccer in all its aspects, and creating a realistic team is no exception. Go to the marketplace and buy players with attributes that you need, get a complete team, or acquire a scout to find your specific and life-like players.

To get a more complete and immersive experience, create your team both through scouting and buying players — as real clubs do — and it’s the best way to create a balanced and strong team.

However, there are some things you may do to ensure that you get the best team possible.

Invest in scouts with higher overall and some special abilities

As you may know, scouts with higher overall are able to get you stronger players. If they have some special attributes, they are more likely to get you players with special abilities, which will contribute to better performance.

So, it’s wise that you direct a larger chunk of your investment toward getting a better scout because the quality of players you’ll get will be worth it.

Pick the specific roles of the players you get wisely

Each player in MetaSoccer has a specific role, meaning they will perform better in that position. When buying players, make sure you get those with the specific roles you’re missing on your team.

Also, there are some specific roles that you’ll need more than others. Most of the lineups available require you to have more than one CM and CB, so you may consider having more players in those positions than goalkeepers, for example.

Fit the lineup with the players

This strategy is important because you’ll get better results with a stronger overall when you put the players in their correct position. You may either choose the lineup that best adapts to the players you already have, or select your preferred lineup and go to the marketplace to find players to fit the necessary specific roles.

Choose the best mentality and play zones for your team

The team mentality you choose will have a direct impact on the way your team behaves and in which players will intervene more during matches.

You will get better results if you select a team mentality and a play zone that focuses more on your better players. For example, if you have defenders with high overall and the LB is your best player, it would make sense to play with a defending mentality on the left wing.

Train your players

To get your players’ abilities to evolve, and consequently develop your entire team, it’s essential that you train them. Chose the drills and the players that will participate in each of them carefully, and check the special drills we have available, which will allow your players to improve greater and faster.

Keep in mind that there’s no “magical recipe” to create a team that wins all the time, because just like in real-life soccer, many factors are involved, including luck, which no one can control.

Test different strategies, learn from your mistakes and keep doing your best to create the most successful team of the soccer metaverse!