How to Trade NFTs at MetaSoccer’s Marketplace

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September 7, 2022

The soccer metaverse provides a virtual depiction of real-life soccer. It is a digital ecosystem where you can manage a team, train players, participate in tournaments, and convert your successes into income. 

To start your journey in MetaSoccer, you will need one or more of our NFTs. And today, we will show you how to get them.

In our marketplace you may acquire two types of NFTs:

  • Youth Scouts, which you can send scouting to get players to build your team
  • Players, which you can buy separately or in bundles

The process for buying these NFTs is the same. As an example, we will show you how to buy a Player. Keep in mind that to do so, first you need to have some $MSU, the cryptocurrency that is used to make trades in MetaSoccer’s marketplace. If you don’t have any yet, you can check our tutorial on how to buy $MSU.

After that, you are ready to roll!

How to buy MetaSoccer’s NFTs

1. Go to MetaSoccer’s marketplace and click on “Connect Wallet” button on the top-right side of the screen.

You must have a crypto wallet account set up for storing your cryptocurrency. We recommend you use MetaMask, and you can learn how to do it here.

Your MetaMask browser extension will open, and you will need to give access permission.

2. Click on the NFT category you want to buy (in this example, we selected Players).

You have the choice of filtering players by their different characteristics, and you can also organize your search by price or by time of listing.

The price appears in both $MSU and USD, so you can have a better understanding of the cost.


3. Click on any player that you want to buy. After you do that, you will then see all of the characteristics of that specific NFT.

4. When you’re sure you want to move on with the purchase, click on the “Buy Now” button and then “Confirm.”

5. The MetaMask browser extension will open again and you will see details of the transaction, including fees you’ll be charged. Click on “Confirm” to continue buying.

6. After a few moments, the purchase will be complete, and you can click on “Done.”

7. Your new player will appear on the Assets section, as well as on the Club section.

In order to start playing, you will need to have at least 11 players.

If you want to sell any of your NFTs, the process is just as easy!

How to sell MetaSoccer’s NFTs

  1. Go to the Assets section and click on the NFT you want to sell, then click on “See in Market.”

  1. Select the option “Sell” and then define the price you want for it. You need to define the value in $MSU; you will see the equivalent in USD, as well as the transaction fee you’ll be charged once the sale is complete. Click on “Continue.”

  1. Give permission in your MetaMask to continue with the listing, and it’s done.

You always have the option to unlist the NFT from the market or change the price.

If you’re set on your sale, now you have to wait for someone to buy it. Then you’ll receive the value on your MetaMask in $MSU.

Easy peasy, right? Go ahead and start your shopping spree!