MetaSoccer Goes Mobile

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November 23, 2022

In the world we live in, mobility is everything.

The rapid development of technology we witnessed over the last few years, combined with the emergence of social media, has enabled people to connect to the web — and consequently, the world — every minute of the day, regardless of the place. The pandemic accentuated this need, with the adoption of remote working and many adopting a nomadic lifestyle.

Therefore, any project that aims for success must provide its users with a mobile version — and that’s what MetaSoccer did.

Our team has been working to adapt the main activities of the game to be supported in mobile, so people can access the main features anywhere they are.

The home page is fully adapted to mobile, so you can easily see each section and register your team for ongoing tournaments.

You have the option to either connect your MetaMask wallet or sign in through our custodial wallet.

It’s possible to check your assets, such as players and youth scouts easily, so you can better prepare for each match.

You can also check the current standings and play matches easily, as well as check your match events, lineup, and stats.

Training is another feature that is completely mobile-friendly, which means you can take advantage of downtimes and breaks in your day to improve your players!

The marketplace also has a mobile version, so you can get new players and youth scouts on a whim!

We are continuously developing our mobile access, so all MetaSoccer features can be easily accessed on your phone shortly. Next up we’ll release the mobile version of tactics section, followed by store, where you can buy Training tokens, and club, which will allow you to create teams or move players between them on the go!