MetaSoccer League | Edition 1

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November 20, 2023

Ladies and gentlemen, the day we've all been eagerly awaiting has finally arrived! Today marks the official kickoff of the very first edition of the MetaSoccer League (MSL)! 🎉⚽


The MSL stands as the crown jewel of competition within the MetaSoccer Universe. It's structured as a four-tier league system, from Division A to D, each housing groups of 16 teams. Division A, the top tier, is home to the metaverse's best 16 teams. As we descend through the divisions, the hierarchy widens.

At the end of each season, the top 2 teams are promoted to the higher division (except for Division A), while the bottom 8 teams are relegated to the lower division. The remaining teams retain their current division and category.

This first edition of the MSL will distribute $MSU 1,260,000 among participants:

Rules & logistics

  • Fixture: Rounds commence automatically at 19 UTC every day without requiring user interaction.
  • Lineup and Tactics: Teams will initiate matches using the last lineup and tactics set up in the Squad page.
  • Player eligibility: At the beginning of each season, we take a snapshot of your team's players and register them for the MSL. Only registered players are eligible to participate in MSL matches.
  • Player energy: Each player who participates in league matches will lose 20 points of condition. If a player plays less than 90 minutes, the condition loss is proportional.

For more information, please check out the Info section in the MSL page.