MetaSoccer Play-To-Airdrop

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June 4, 2024

At the end of 2023, a new team took charge of MetaSoccer with a clear mission: to create the best soccer manager game and foster the most passionate web3 soccer community. We have been meticulously laying the groundwork for a brighter future, and now we are excited to introduce the MetaSoccer relaunch.

This relaunch brings key updates, including a healthier in-game economy and new tokenomics featuring our brand-new token, $MSG. As part of this new era, we are migrating to Skale, known for its speed and gasless transactions, aligning perfectly with our vision.

To celebrate, we are launching a special event to showcase MetaSoccer and our plans to the world. The MetaSoccer Play-to-Airdrop event will kick off in June 2024.

During this event, the game's interface will be temporarily adapted to enhance the Play-to-Airdrop experience. Pre-registration is open, get your MetaSoccer Pass now!

MetaSoccer Passport

The MetaSoccer Pass is your key to participate in the upcoming MetaSoccer Play-To-Airdrop event scheduled for June 2024.

Event Participation

Although the MetaSoccer Play-To-Airdrop event is free and open to everyone, a MetaSoccer Pass is required for registration. Without this pass, you will be unable to join the event.

MetaSoccer Starter Boxes

Once registered with a MetaSoccer Pass, you will receive a MetaSoccer Starter Box. This starter box includes all the necessary resources to begin playing and participating in the airdrop event.

The assets provided in the Starter Boxes will be available exclusively for use during the event.

About the Play-To-Airdrop Event

The event involves completing tasks to earn points. These points will be reflected on the leaderboard. Climb the ranks to reach the top spots and earn better rewards. Unlike other play-to-airdrop events, points can also be spent to perform certain actions. The smartest soccer managers who make the best decisions will be rewarded.

MetaSoccer Gold ($MSG)

$MSG is the new token for MetaSoccer, designed with healthier tokenomics compared to the current MSU token. We are currently in the private stage of the presale, with the seed and public stages coming soon. Rewards from the play-to-airdrop event will be distributed after the TGE in July.

MetaSoccer Epic Boxes

MetaSoccer Epic Boxes are a limited collection of 5000 NFTs, each containing secret gifts. Unlike the Starter Box prizes, these rewards will be usable after the event.

The amazing prizes hidden inside may include:

- Players

- Scouts

- Training Tokens

- Knowledge Tokens

- Lands - Free-mint ticket

How to Register

Pre-registration is now open, and you can register for free for the upcoming MetaSoccer Play-to-Airdrop Event. Follow these simple steps to get started:

1. Find a Code

   - Join our Discord to discover how to get a code.

2. Register

   - Go to and create an account using Metamask or with social login.

3. Redeem Your MetaSoccer Pass and Starter Box

   - After registering, enter your code and click the “Claim” button. Now you’re ready for the P2A!

   And Stay Tuned: Follow us on Twitter and Discord for exciting updates and news!

Detailed Event Timeline


What is the MetaSoccer Play-to-Airdrop Event?

The Play-to-Airdrop event is a special celebration of MetaSoccer's relaunch, where players can participate in various in-game activities to earn points and climb the leaderboard. Players will receive rewards in the form of the new $MSG token.

Do I need to pay to participate in the event?

No, participation in the event is free. However, you will need a MetaSoccer Pass to register.

How can I get a MetaSoccer Pass?

You can obtain a MetaSoccer Pass through our official Discord, and partner communities.

What is the difference between Starter and Epic Boxes?

Starter Boxes are designed specifically for the Play-to-Airdrop event, providing all the necessary assets to enjoy the P2A and crush the leaderboard.

Epic Boxes contain rare and valuable items such as rare players, training tokens, knowledge tokens, scouts, MetaSoccer Bosses tickets, and Land tickets. Unlike Starter Box items, the contents of Epic Boxes will remain valuable when the game returns after the event.

What happens after the Play-to-Airdrop event?

During the Play-to-Airdrop, the game's interface will be adapted specifically for the event. After the event concludes, the game will revert to its current format with some exciting new surprises.

Join us in this thrilling journey and be a part of the MetaSoccer revolution. The future of soccer management is here!