MetaSoccer Shares Blockchain Knowledge Beyond Borders

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July 26, 2022

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the world. And not only the tech, crypto and gaming world, but many other industries as well. Above all, it’s revolutionizing lives of people all over the world who gain new opportunities of work, self-growth and income creation.

MetaSoccer is an active part of this change, and we firmly believe that together we can grow more. We help bring the advantages of blockchain to the most people possible, and now we took a new step toward that goal.

In a pioneer collaboration with Impact Plus and Polygon Kenya, together with the Multimedia University of Kenya, we helped with the first Social Impact Web3 Full Stack Developer Course.

The objective of this training was not only to increase the number of capable Web3 developers but also to ensure they understand that Web3 is a powerful tool to achieve social impact. MetaSoccer was pleased to expand accessibility and knowledge of some of the most recent technologies within the area.

Our blockchain lead, Diego Milla, shared his knowledge about Web3 and practical implementation at MetaSoccer with a class of Kenyan students. The experience couldn’t be more fulfilling as Diego reflected, “Blockchain is all about decentralization, empowering users and creating new and exciting opportunities. Initiatives like this represent the true values behind this technology, and I couldn’t be more grateful to be given the chance to share some of my knowledge, so other lives can be changed as Web3 continues to grow.”

The students were engaged from the beginning of class and cherished this unique opportunity to explore new career paths and learn more about a technology that is here to stay.

We’d like to thank Diego for advancing this beautiful initiative, and we hope that the Web3 community continues to promote fruitful and inclusive collaborations.

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