MetaSoccer X Magic Square: Enchanting Web3 Gaming

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December 16, 2022

Being a fairly new business, Web3 games face many obstacles, one of which is apprehension from new users.

Crypto games are proliferating, and unfortunately, some people are taking advantage of the industry’s success and trying to scam users into playing and investing in games that simply don’t exist.

MetaSoccer is aware of this entry barrier, and we’re pleased to say we took a new step to remove it by being validated by Magic Square, a web app store that allows users to easily discover trustworthy apps, as well as CeFi, DeFi, NFTs and games.

In their Magic Store, of which MetaSoccer is now a part of, the community vets, ranks, and prioritizes apps via a DAO mechanism, with clear earning metrics to incentivize participating validators, creators, and users.

Magic Square’s community-validation system is a simple yet brilliant solution to the problem of reliability of Web3 projects. MetaSoccer is now available in the app, so many more people can rely on the game and discover it’s unbiased, as well as relevant information about our project,” said Patxi Barrios, COO and co-founder of MetaSoccer.

We believe that any relationship must be first based on trust, and gaming is no different. Kudos to Magic Square for being a safe haven where both gamers and games can engage and grow together.

About MetaSoccer

MetaSoccer is the first soccer metaverse where you can manage your own club, find and train new players, play matches in your own NFT stadium and generate income while playing.

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About Magic Square

Magic Square is a discovery and engagement platform for the world of Web3, blockchain, and crypto apps. The Magic Store, its Core Product, is a Web3 App Store where the community vets, ranks, and prioritizes the apps via a DAO mechanism, creating a more secure and trustworthy app store environment for users.

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