MetaSoccer X OlaHeretics: Pro Teams Join the Soccer Metaverse

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November 7, 2022

MetaSoccer keeps building a strong gaming network and working together with other popular projects to professionalize the soccer metaverse.Today, we are pleased to announce that OlaHeretics entered the game with official teams.

OlaHeretics is a combined project of Ola Guild Games (Ola GG), one of the biggest gaming guilds in the Spanish-speaking community and an important MetaSoccer partner with Team Heretics, the leading esports team in Spain and one of the top 5 in the world.

By onboarding OlaHeretics into the soccer metaverse, MetaSoccer will attract new users to crypto gaming and encourage the formation and growth of other esports teams, allowing the sector to continue expanding and reach mass audiences.

Regarding the new partnership, MetaSoccer CEO Marc Cercós commented, "We are really proud to have OlaHeretics among our teams. This agreement is a key piece for the evolution of our game and for the entire Web3 gaming community. Being able to reach the most important Spanish-speaking esports community is a way to show that the video game industry is living a revolution that is here to stay."

Representatives of Ola GG and Team Heretics also reinforced the importance of creating these ties to build the metaverse.

"For us, betting on this type of competition in the metaverse is key to keep innovating. There are many more users within Web3 communities, and it is a great opportunity for players to have new options with which to have fun," said Diego Soro, CSO of Team Heretics.

"The future of blockchain gaming is going to be groundbreaking. As the largest community in the Spanish-speaking market, we bet on those that we believe are the best, and this is the case with MetaSoccer," added Martin Blaquier, CEO of Ola GG.

By joining the game just after the launch of PvP matches, the new OlaHeretics teams will have the opportunity to show their worth in a very competitive environment and try their skills against other players.

Welcome to OlaHeretics, and we look forward to watching them grow and thrive in the soccer metaverse!