MSC: What Will Be its Uses?

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July 21, 2022

MSC is MetaSoccer’s secondary token used to perform actions within the game. As a reward, that can be converted into MSU. Although it’s a secondary token, MSC is crucial to the game economy and serves a very specific and important purpose.

But before digging into its uses, let’s go back to the basics and recall what in fact is MetaSoccer — a realistic football manager.

The outcome of any soccer game is determined by the individual skills of the 11 players on the pitch, the manager’s strategy and tactics and a little luck plus other external factors, like the morale of the team or condition of players. 

In MetaSoccer, the outcome of each match will be determined by the same rules. So, using MSC will be the same as real money used in real soccer.

As you can see in the graphic above, there will be many ways in which you can put your MSC to use, either to build your team or to continue improving it.

Let’s now take a look at some of the main factors involved in the outcome of each match and check some helpful tips for you to be at your best in each of them.

Strategy and tactics

Rely completely on the Manager — you. These strategies have a great impact on the final result of the match.

We’ve introduced the pre-game strategy/tactics, the first step to a more intricate system, where you will be able to interact and make decisions about tactics and strategy in real-time during the match.

Hint: There are no helpers here, only your knowledge and ability to optimize the skill of the players, choosing the correct tactic and strategy.

Skill of players

In MetaSoccer, the skill is represented by 24 abilities that are usually summarized in the current overall value. All players have a maximum natural potential they can reach. It is your goal as a manager to guide them and provide each player with the correct training to unlock this maximum potential so their performance in the match is optimal.

Hint: You will be able to contract assistants to create more targeted training for specific positions and tactics. Also, you will be able to improve the outcome of the training and reduce its time by using special equipment and individual trainers for players.


It doesn’t matter if the probability of your forward to dribble the defender (Dribbling vs Standing Tackle) are 90%, if you get a critical failure, your player will shoot the defender instead of the ball. Nothing you can do about it, sorry!

Hint: There is nothing you can do about luck. (No, you cannot bribe the referee!)

Condition, Morale, Injuries and Form

As a manager you will not only need to train the skills of the player but take care of them and watch for any problems that may affect their performance. This oversight requires daily attention.

Hint: You'll have access to a plethora of small hints to keep your players in good shape, and you’ll soon be given the possibility to hire an assistant to help you in this task.

Looking for the Best

If you have some good youth scouts, you can find the next gem player before anyone. The better trained these scouts are, the better players they find, so keeping them in good shape is key.

Hint: You’ll be able to send Scouts to learning conferences, which will help them make better contacts and find better players. 

There’s a lot involved in a single MetaSoccer match. Ultimately you are the center of it, and we trust that the more we challenge you, the better your team will become — and the more money can you make.