Rewards and Tournaments Updates

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September 9, 2022

Over the past three weeks we’ve all been focused on tournaments — you playing and MetaSoccer working nonstop to enhance this new feature.

Now it’s time to fine-tune some details, but first there are two important things we’d like to emphasize:

  1. Our community feedback. We can’t stress this enough: The game is made for you to enjoy and profit from it, so we take your input very seriously. Of course, we can’t apply all your requests — we receive a lot of different feedback and we try to hit a middle ground to make everyone happy — and believe us, it’s not an easy task!
  2. The long-term growth of the project, both in economics and the development of the gameplay. If you play MetaSoccer expecting to be rich within one month, you’re going be disappointed (and not only with our game, but with any play-and-earn game). We’re creating a depiction of the entire soccer universe in the metaverse, which takes time and patience, and we sincerely hope that you’re with us for the long run!

With this in mind, we’ve decided to change some of the tournament rules and the rewards given in all divisions. These changes will be put in place for the start of next week’s tournament (September 13).

Tournaments Update

The first, and perhaps most impactful alteration, will be the divisions. There will still be five divisions in which you can compete, but now you can register in the one corresponding to the overall team (instead of being able to register for one division above or below the overall of your team). 

The divisions are according to the overall of teams:

Amateur – Average skill of 0-29

Beginner – Average skill of 30-39

Semi-Pro – Average skill of 40-49

Pro – Average skill of 50-59

Legend – Average skill of 60-99

The other change that we will implement soon is a limit of matches per team. We have decided to establish this limit because it will allow a better balance of activity between playing matches and training. You’ll be able to spend more time improving your players, and you won’t have to choose between one or the other on a daily basis — the condition of the players is enough for you to do both.

Look for news regarding training soon.

Rewards Update

The rewards attributed to the best teams in each division will also be different for upcoming tournaments.

Expect higher $MSU rewards for the Semi-Pro, Pro and Legend teams. 

We will also give $MSU rewards through 7th place in all divisions and $MSC rewards through 20th place.

Check the table below for more detailed information, and consult our Whitepaper for the complete rewards table.

As you can see, the rewards are in line with the investment needed to create the teams — just like in real-life soccer.

By implementing the new rewards scheme, we’ll distribute more than double of $MSU rewards weekly.

We’ll continue updating the rewards table along with the development of the game, keeping them fair.

Keep in mind that all MetaSoccer updates are backed by strong economical and technical reasons. Our team does everything in our power to make the soccer metaverse a unique place where you can have fun with earning potential!