Team Mentality: Improve Your Strategy

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July 20, 2022

Defining a tactic is key to any soccer team — it gives players an orientation on how to play and better oppose the other team.

Multiple factors are involved in creating tactics, and the first feature that will help you start building yours is now released: Team Mentality.

In MetaSoccer, Team Mentality refers to the way your team will face opponents. It also impacts the role of the players you should select.

You can choose among five types of mentalities:

  • Hard Defending: Focuses on avoiding conceding spaces to the opposite team, keeping the defensive position and relying on the whole team to defend and create an advantage, attacking with few players.
  • Defending: Based on obstructing opportunities for the opponent without giving up the creation of own goal opportunities. However, the priority is to protect our own net.
  • Balanced: Mixed mentality where the team attacks and defends with an ordered and rational structure, giving the same importance to attacking and defending.
  • Attacking: Prioritizes creating opportunities without attacking with all the players. It focuses on having the ball and playing on the opposite midfield but maintaining a defensive structure.
  • Hard Attacking: Focuses on generating goal-scoring opportunities, overloading the final third of the pitch with as many players as possible, creating numeric superiority with almost all players going to attack, leaving many free spaces for the opposite team if they recover the ball.

Depending on the team mentality you select, some formations might work better for your lineup. If you prefer to play in “hard defending” style, for example, it will be better to have a formation that includes more defensive players. It is also important to check your players: if you have better forwards than defenders, for example, your improvement in selecting “hard attacking” will be bigger than if you had better defenders than forwards (some combinations could be even negative for your specific lineup!)

The implementation of tactics within the game improves the performance of the teams — however, you must take into account that you’ll need to fine-tune all your selections in order for your team to have best chances to keep winning.

As the game evolves and more features are added to the Tactics section, the more variables you’ll have to take into account when preparing your team for a match — the game keeps getting more challenging but we’re sure you’ll be ready for it!