Up Your Game: Passing Style and Play Zones

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July 22, 2022

After the launch of Team Mentality, it’s time to take it up a notch in your tactics with the release of two new features: Passing Style and Play Zones.

Let’s take a closer look at both.

Passing Style

When defining your passing style you’ll select the preferred way to pass the ball between players. This will impact the speed of movement of your players on the pitch and also the type of players that are most involved in each style. Remember, one style is not better than the other — test to see what works best for your lineup.

The three types of passing styles available are:

  • Short: Play out of defense with a combination of short passes, slowly moving forward through the zones and with a high intensity of passes on the grass.
  • Mixed: Combination of short, medium and long passes depending on the situation, playing along all the field zones, both aerial and on the grass.
  • Long: Play with direct passes to the final third, especially with long aerial passes from the goalkeeper and the defenders to the forwards, without playing with midfielders.

Play Zones

In real soccer, most teams base their attacks on a specific area of the field — and now you can do the same in MetaSoccer.It’s best to choose the play zone where your best players are located.

You can select from five play zones:

  • Both Wings: Base the attacking plays along the left and right zone of the field, playing more widely and trying to put players at those locations, creating more crossing and dribbling situations. 
  • Left Wing: Focus on the attacking left side of the field, trying to bring the ball there quicker to generate attacking moves.
  • Right Wing: Focus on the attacking right side of the field, trying to bring the ball there quicker to generate attacking moves.
  • Middle: Base the attack through the middle of the field, playing narrowly with the players who occupy the center lane of the field.
  • Mixed: Attack along the various zones without giving more importance to one of them, playing alternatively with the wings and through the middle.

In this first iteration, all tactics must be selected before the match starts — they can’t be changed until it’s over. In the future, you’ll have the opportunity to make changes during matches.

You can configure combinations of Team Mentality, Passing Style and Play Zone. Remember that some of them work better together than others; the formation you select is also important.

Continually developing tactics will put your skills to the test, and we’re sure you’re up to the challenges.