What are the Benefits of Having a Good Scout in MetaSoccer?

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September 28, 2022

Youth scouts are essential elements in the soccer metaverse. The first NFTs that were launched within MetaSoccer, they are responsible to mint new players. With the exception of licensed NFT players, like Ronaldinho, all players must be discovered first through the scouting process.

Although now it’s possible to create a team just by buying players in the marketplace, having a scout allows for a more immersive experience — you get to select the best scout for each scouting process you may need, as well as training players and defining the tactics for your team.

Advantages of having good scouts on your team

  • Pioneer youth scouts can get you more votes in DAO decisions, which means that by having one or more scouts, your opinion on key governance decisions will have more weight. You may acquire a pionner youth scout on our marketplace, by filtering this characteristic on the Special Tag section.
  • Scouts with scout special abilities are a great asset to your team. Among other things, they are able to get you younger players, who will evolve faster, or more developed players, closer to their maximum potential. Some scouts are able to go through the scouting process faster, while others have a higher probability of getting you players with special abilities.
  • Scouts with player special abilities are more likely to get you players with special abilities, very valuable because they have better performances on the field, and in some cases can even improve the performance of other players on the team.
  • The higher the overall of a scout, the better players he will get you. Of course, the price of scouting will increase, but that is exactly what happens in real soccer: If you want great scouts, you have to pay more, but they are able to find you young stars — who knows,  one day they could find the Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi of the metaverse.

It’s also important to note that every scout has its specific role, which means that you need a scout with the special role of forwards to get you forwards, a defender to get you defenders, and so on. This helps you guarantee that in each scouting you know the role of the player you’ll get and have well-defined probabilities of the age and abilities it may have according to the scout you sent. Detailed information regarding scouting can be found here.

All in all, a youth scout will be able to find you players to increase your team’s performance, and they are able to get you players that you will be able to evolve, making them more valuable. You can always trade both the players you get through scouting or the scout itself in the market, a possibly make a profit with the sales.

Make sure you fully understand how the scouting process works before you begin, to get the most out of the activities available to you in MetaSoccer.