What Separates MetaSoccer from Other Football Manager Games?

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September 28, 2022

Since its beginning, soccer has been one of the most popular sports in the world, and it has evolved to a multibillion-dollar industry, with participants and followers spread across the globe.

The allure of football has led people to want to be more involved in the game. Countless fans, while watching a match, discuss tactics and second-guess coach and manager decisions, imagining themselves in their places. 

In short, there was a need to be fulfilled. And given that most enthusiasts are not professional managers of amateur or professional teams, games are the tool that could easily provide this role-playing experience.

Football Manager (released as Championship Manager) was created in 1992, and 30 years later it has become one of the most successful digital games. Its fame is mostly because it provides the closest to real-life experience, allowing players to celebrate their victories and mourn their losses like in real games. Managing teams in a game is another and fulfilling way to enjoy soccer.

With the emerging blockchain technology, football management games are migrating from Web2 to Web3, maintaining all the great characteristics of Web2 with the added benefits of Web3.

Over the last 30 years, countless hours were spent by thousands of players managing their teams. Some have become professional but the majority only get their team’s winnings as rewards. Players that took along time to improve have the same worth they had from the start, which means that their time and effort were only converted into personal fulfillment for their achievements, with no monetary compensation.

The integration of soccer management gaming in the blockchain came to change that.

Playing MetaSoccer, the initial investment and the time spent, users can now be rewarded with cryptocurrencies — receiving tokens when winning games and by selling characters that evolved into a higher value than when acquired. Gaming has become a hobby that can bring users an extra income.

At MetaSoccer, we uniquelyprovide a 360º experience, which is as close to managing a real-life club as possible. It’s important to reinforce that the soccer metaverse only had its Big Bang, and we’ll keep expanding, improving and providing our users an even more realistic experience.

We like to think and plan BIG, and we believe that in a few years, MetaSoccer may become a parallel universe to actual soccer, where all the premier teams in the world play and get the opportunity to find players, train them, attract spectators and fans — everything that happens in the exciting game today.

By joining from the get-go, the advantages are enormous: players get to be a part of a close and growing community, meet people from all over the world that share the same passion, give feedback so we can create better features and updates, and the best of all, become enthusiastic and experienced in the game. 

Together, we can trailblaze the metaverse pitches together and build something that will bring us fulfillment and success.