MSU and MSC: How to Make MetaSoccer’s Tokens Work for You

MetaSoccer Universe ($MSU) and MetaSoccer Cash ($MSC) are the two MetaSoccer native tokens essential to the game’s ecosystem and for you to enter our virtual pitches.

As most of you know, a token is a type of cryptocurrency that doesn’t have its own blockchain but instead uses another coin’s blockchain as an infrastructure — in this case, both tokens are integrated in the Polygon Network.

$MSU and $MSC play different and relevant parts in the game — let’s check it in more detail.


This is MetaSoccer’s governance or primary token. You’ll need $MSU to start playing MetaSoccer because it allows you to complete your first steps in the game, either by acquiring a youth scout or players. It’s also needed to perform some of the main game activities, such as scouting. This token is also used to distribute rewards according to match results.

The supply of $MSU is controlled by a Token Bonding Curve (TBC), an innovative solution based on the smart contracts disruptive solution. Using a TBC allows the continuous mint and burn of tokens, stabilizing the price, which reacts softly to big buys/sells, and consequently allows long-term adoption and continuous growth of the game.

$MSU holders can participate in key governance decisions, like the release of new features or how the DAO funds should be distributed.

You may acquire $MSU on three different platforms. Check out the tutorials linked below to quickly learn how to do it:


The main function of the secondary token of MetaSoccer is to stabilize the economy. $MSC also plays an important part in the gameplay because it must be used for scouting and learning, and it also boosts activities like training and management.

Part of the rewards in the ranking system, $MSC is also the sole reward for those who only participate in friendly matches.

This token’s main purpose is to be spent in-game. You also have the opportunity to trade $MSC for $MSU on SushiSwap.

As you get more familiar with the game, you’ll see that both MetaSoccer tokens have complementary roles and are an essential part of the soccer metaverse, which you can and should use to help improve your performance and increase your earnings.