Role of Stadiums in MetaSoccer

Stadiums are an essential component of soccer. These are the places where millions of fans gather every year to share the joy of a win and support each other when facing a defeat. They are also an important source of revenue for clubs.

MetaSoccer’s stadiums will play this same role.

These NFTs aren’t available yet, but their purpose will soon be to create another source of income for club owners.

How to Profit from a Stadium

There are many ways to profit from a metaverse stadium, namely:

Stadiums will be fractionalized in seats, so club owners have the possibility to get an entire stadium for themselves or enjoy shared ownership.

Stadium NFTs are being developed by architecture studio MEIS to mimic real-life stadiums, from the initial concept to the 3D design to the final scale model. Each stadium is unique and will be a valuable asset that can provide a steady source of income in the soccer metaverse.