Scouting 2.0 Now Live

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April 24, 2024

Youth Scouts are a fundamental pillar of the game. Introducing new players to the MetaSoccer universe relies on them; this process is referred to as Scouting. As a rule, no player will be integrated into the game without being previously discovered by a scout.

We have decided to make a significant change in the functioning of the scouting system to make it more akin to real life and take another step towards a healthier in-game economy.

After numerous internal discussions and conversations with the community, the final proposal was brought to a vote for the DAO, which was ultimately approved. Additionally, with the aim of carrying out a quality update that truly generates a positive impact on the gameplay, we have added two expert team members in game design who have been involved in the entire improvement process.

Starting from April 21, 2024, at 23:59:59 UTC, the changes have been implemented, and the scouting functionality has begun to operate in a new way.

Below, we will explain in detail the changes made:

Introducing the Knowledge Token (KT)

Scout's skill level can be determined as the accumulation of Knowledge units throughout their life. In other words, if a Scout has a skill level of 72 in a particular ability, we could also say that the Scout has accumulated X amount of knowledge in that ability.

Knowledge Token (KT) is an in-game token that allows club owners to increase their scouts’ skills. Now the club owners have more control on which skills they want the scout to improve opening doors for more strategic decisions.

Knowledge Tokens can be earned by sending scouts to conduct scouting. There’s a formula to calculate the amount of KT a club owner can earn with each scouting trip.

In the future there will be more ways to earn and spend Knowledge Tokens.

Scouts Improvement Algorithm

In the previous scenario, the skills improvement formula was exponential as scouts were designed to improve more as they had a higher level. The issue with this model was that it tended to devalue high-level scouts, as acquiring them became easier as the user progressed in the game.

With this new update, as Scouts becomes more skilled, the number of Knowledge Tokens required to gain one skill point increases logarithmically. This is similar to real-life scenarios where the more skilled you are, the more challenging it becomes to improve your skills. This approach should appraise high-level scouts as it is now a little harder to reach the highest levels.

The number of Knowledge Tokens needed to level up a skill can be calculated using the following formula:

  • C is the current skill level.
  • P is the knowledge priority factor.

  • M is the motivation factor. M = 2 if scout is Extra Motivated, M = 1, otherwise.

In the future, there are plans to introduce additional methods for earning and spending Knowledge Tokens.

Scout Retirement

A significant change we've made is the implementation of the Scout Burning mechanism. This feature allows users to receive a percentage of the Knowledge Tokens (KT) previously spent on a Scout. While the most common use for this feature is to burn Scouts when they retire (at the age of 65), it is open for all ages, allowing users to experiment with more complex strategies.

To retire a Scout users can click on the “Retire” button located at the bottom of the page.

When a Scout is retired, the owner receives a fraction of the Knowledge Tokens used to enhance the Scout. This quantity of Knowledge Tokens depends on various factors such as the Scout's age, its OVR, the number of its special abilities, and whether it has a specific role or not.

The calculation for the returned Knowledge Tokens (KT) is mathematically represented as:

Scouts Level Reset

In order to implement this new system, Scout levels have been reset to their initial values, and, in exchange, a certain number of KT has been attached as a compensation, which would allow the Scout to reach the highest level it previously achieved. It is worth noting that in order for the Scout to have the same OVR as it did before the reset, the skills to be upgraded using Knowledge Tokens must be the same and reach the same previous level. This would result in the same OVR. If the user decides to use the KT to upgrade skills differently from what automatically happened before, they may notice a variation in the Scout’s OVR.

Within the Scout page, you will find the Knowledge Tokens icon:

If the Scout was affected by the reset, next to the general Knowledge Tokens (which belong to your Metasoccer account), you will also see the KT rewarded to the respective Scout for having returned to its initial level. These will be differentiated as they have a lock icon.

The KT from the reset can be used up to 760 every 96 hours.

Important: The KT awarded as compensation for the reset are solely for use with the same Scout in question. If that Scout is traded in the market, the KT (unlike the general KT stored at the Club level) will be lost.