The Scouting System Vote

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February 16, 2024

In recent weeks, there has been a fascinating and well-informed conversation about how to proceed with the scouting system revamp, an essential part of MetaSoccer. Building upon the ideas that have been presented, we decided to create a space for discussion from which proposals would emerge for DAO voting to shape the game collectively with our users. After weeks of debate, we have defined five proposals that are now available for voting. The next step will be to determine how to proceed. However, before we do that, let's review what the proposals are and some important considerations.

The five proposals represent a range of potential changes to the scouting system, each addressing different aspects of gameplay and community engagement:

1. Change Scout Improvement Algorithm

This proposal suggests adjusting the Scout skill improvement algorithm to mimic human skill development, following a logarithmic curve. As Scouts become more skilled, the number of Knowledge Tokens required to gain one skill point increases logarithmically. This change aims to balance skill progression, making it more challenging for Scouts to reach high skill levels. Additionally, Knowledge Tokens will be introduced to randomly assign skills to Scouts after each Scouting session. This adjustment is expected to normalize the Scout population towards the middle skill levels by 2025.

Read the complete proposal here

2. Change Scouting Cost

The proposal aims to adjust Scouting session costs and cooldowns for three key reasons:

1. To accommodate the increased number of sessions needed for skill improvement.

2. To expand player availability for gameplay.

3. To eliminate MSC, reducing friction.

The adjustments include revised pricing based on Scout OVR and align with club history progression and MSL rewards. Anticipated outcomes include encouraging continuous Scout development, increased MSU expenditure on Scouting, and enhanced value of Scouts with special abilities.

Read the complete proposal here

3. Enable Scout Aging and Retirement

The proposal suggests implementing aging and retirement for Scouts, with aging occurring every 30 real-life days and retirement at age 65. Anticipated outcomes include increased Scout utilization and the development of Scout Mentoring within 35 months.

Read the complete proposal here

4. Make Scouts with OVR +80 Age Faster

The proposal suggests that scouts with an Overall Rating (OVR) of 80 or higher age faster, reducing their lifespan and limiting the maximum number of scouting sessions they can perform. This change aims to prevent market saturation by high-level players, ensuring a more balanced and equitable environment for all users.

Read the complete proposal here

5. Soft-Reset Scout Population

This proposal aims to rebalance the Scout population through a "soft" reset, involving pausing Scouting, enabling Player Aging, implementing a new Scout Improvement Algorithm, introducing burning mechanisms for Scouts and Players, resetting the OVR of all Scouts, and providing owners with Knowledge Tokens to bring their Scouts back to their previous levels. Finally, Scouting will be enabled again.

Read the complete proposal here

Why Your Vote Matters

The scouting system is a fundamental aspect of MetaSoccer, influencing player recruitment, team development, and overall gameplay experience. By participating in this vote, you have the opportunity to shape the direction of the game and contribute to its ongoing evolution.

How to Participate

1. Review the Proposals: Take the time to carefully review each proposal, considering its potential impact on the game and community. You can also read the inicial conversation: Scouting Mechanics Revamp Proposal Refinement (

2. Engage in Discussion: Join the conversation in our community channels. Share your thoughts, ask questions, and collaborate with fellow members to gain insights and perspectives.

3. Cast Your Vote: When you're ready, visit the DAO platform and cast your vote for the proposal you believe will best serve the interests of the MetaSoccer community.

Important Considerations

• Closing Dates: Be aware of the closing dates for each proposal, as some will conclude sooner than others. All proposals close next week. Some in 7 days, others in 5 days.

• Quorum Requirements: A minimum level of participation is required for a proposal to be considered valid. Your vote matters in achieving this threshold. It's possible also that no proposal will be voted on or that what is voted on will require further definitions. In that case, we will re-enable a discussion channel and reassemble a proposal to submit it for another vote.

Looking Ahead

Regardless of the outcome of this vote, the engagement and enthusiasm we've seen from the community are incredibly encouraging. We're committed to fostering a culture of collaboration and transparency, where every voice is heard and valued. We've experienced a higher level of involvement and received more insightful proposals than anticipated. As a result, we've decided to incorporate plans into our roadmap to establish a platform where any MSU holder (with a specific quantity, yet to be determined) can propose, submit for voting, and potentially implement their ideas. Stay tuned for further details in the upcoming weeks.

As we embark on this journey together, let's remember the power we hold as a community to shape the future of MetaSoccer. Your participation in this vote is not just a vote – it's a statement of your dedication to the game and its continued evolution.