MSU: what you need to know about MetaSoccer’s Token

MSU is the token of the MetaSoccer Universe. It is essential for performing various in-game transactions and activities.

A token is a type of cryptocurrency that doesn’t have its own blockchain but instead uses a Layer-1 blockchain as infrastructure — in the case of MSU, it is integrated within the Polygon Network.

MSU is not just a digital currency; it is the primary token that users require to take their first steps in the game. This includes acquiring youth scouts and players, which are critical for starting in the game. MSU's utility extends further into core gameplay functionalities, such as conducting scouting operations and distributing competition rewards. Yes! MSU can be earned by participating in MetaSoccer's competitions!

The supply of MSU is meticulously regulated by a Token Bonding Curve (TBC). This innovative mechanism, rooted in smart contract technology, facilitates the dynamic minting and burning of tokens. The TBC's design aims to moderate the price volatility of $MSU, ensuring that it is less susceptible to sharp fluctuations due to large purchases or sales.

This stability is a key factor in fostering long-term engagement and growth within the game.

Holders of MSU will also be granted governance rights, enabling them to influence crucial decisions within the MetaSoccer Universe.

People interested in acquiring MSU can do so through three distinct platforms: