Division System

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April 27, 2023

At MetaSoccer, we strive to create a vibrant soccer metaverse that rivals the excitement and competitiveness of real-world soccer. For some time now, the community has been asking for division-based competitions… and we are excited to announce that they are finally here! 

The concept of divisions is one of the key components of any soccer league, where teams are grouped together based on their performance. This system allows for fair and competitive play, ensuring that teams are competing against opponents of similar ability — and from now on, in MetaSoccer, you will also be able to participate in this kind of competitions.

We are happy to present the first tournaments based in the division system, the MetaSoccer Custom League, an initiative of MetaSoccer Academy and Club Atlético del Montón.

The division system used consists of groups of 16 teams, with the first division having a single group of 16, the second division having four groups of 16, and so on. The last division will only have 14 teams in each group. The concept is simple: at the end of each season, the top-performing teams in each division are promoted to the next level, while the bottom-performing teams are relegated to the division below.

Three separate and independent leagues will be formed — America, Europe and Asia — that will cross paths in the ultimate champions league, the SuperLeague, where the top four teams from each zone will face off against each other.

Rewards will be distributed among the best teams in each group of each division, and a prize will also be distributed to the best teams in the SuperLeague. The best thing is that we will sponsor the first and second division as well as the SuperLeague!

We have added a dedicated section in the Custom Tournaments game modality called “Divisions” to gather these competitions that will allow everyone to easily follow the leagues. In addition, we will share the news in our social media, but to make sure you don’t miss anything, we highly recommend following the creators in Youtube (MetaSoccer Academy) and Twitter (MetaSoccer Academy - Club Atlético del Montón).

We believe that divisions will elevate the level of competition within the metaverse and provide an even more engaging experience for all players, being a great example of how a community can come together to improve the overall gaming experience. Thanks to MetaSoccer Academy and Club Atlético del Montón for the hard work!

We will share more information soon. In the meanwhile, you can check the official website if you want to know more. 

Let's see who can rise to the top!