How to Create an Account on

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June 14, 2022

There are several ways to acquire $MSU, MetaSoccer’s main token that you need to play the game.

Previously we showed you how to buy $MSU on two other platforms:

$MSU is also available on, one of the top global cryptocurrency exchanges, which provides safe and transparent transactions.

Today we’ll show you all the steps you need to follow in order to create an account on

After that you’ll be ready to buy $MSU there — and in the next article we’ll show you how to do that, too.

How to Create an Account on

1. Go to and click on the “Sign Up” box.

2. Insert your email and password and click “Create Account.” Please note that citizens and residents of some countries are unable to trade on this platform; you may see the listing on the bottom of the page.

3. You’ll receive a link in your email to activate your account. Click on this link and you’ll be able to log in now. Insert your email and password again.

4. To assure maximum security, you’re required to follow a two-step verification, so once you try to log in, a verification code will be sent to your email, which you’ll need to insert.

5. Next you’ll be asked to set up a fund password. A warning message will appear on top of the screen. Click on it.

You’ll now have to set a new password. Make sure it’s a strong one.

6. When that is done, you’ll need to do an identity verification. On the Individual option select “Verify Now.”

7. Add all the requested data. Note that besides your information, you’ll also need to upload a picture of yourself holding your chosen ID and a piece of paper with your ID. To finish, click on “Confirm and Submit.” You’ll need to wait for your information to be verified.

8. You’ll see a warning message informing you that you should strengthen your security by adding either Google Authenticator or your phone number to receive a text message. This extra step reinforces the security of your transactions. Choose your preference to finish setting up your account.

It’s done! You may wait for to inform you that your account has been verified (and we advise you to do so), and afterward you’ll be ready to start trading!