Introducing the MetaSoccer League

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November 1, 2023

Yeah, mister! Get your team ready because on November 20th, we're launching the very first edition of the MetaSoccer League!

The MSL is the premier competition in the MetaSoccer Universe. It consists of a league system with four divisions (A to D), each containing one or more groups of 16 teams. The top tier, Division A, features the top 16 teams in the metaverse. Below this premier tier, we have four Division B leagues, each comprising 16 teams, with further divisions extending down the hierarchy.

In each group, teams engage in a home-and-away fixture system, with 16 clubs playing one match per day. A season consists of 30 matches, lasting approximately a month. At the end of the season, the two leading teams in each division's series are promoted, while the bottom eight face relegation to a division below. Division D represents the league's lowest tier, with no further relegation possible.

Naturally, your position in the league directly influences the $MSU you receive at the end of each season, with the top league offering substantially higher rewards.

Promotions and Relegations

At the end of each season, the top 2 teams are promoted to the higher division (except for Division A), while the bottom 8 teams are relegated to the lower division. The remaining teams retain their current division and category.

When a new division is established (for instance, following the conclusion of the first MSL edition and the creation of Division C with teams promoted from Division D), if the number of promoted teams isn't sufficient to fill the entire higher division, the top 3rd-placed teams are promoted. If, subsequently, the number of teams still falls short, the highest-ranked 4th-placed teams are promoted, and this process continues accordingly.


Every season, the MSL distributes $MSU 1,260,000 among participants:


  • Registration is currently open and will close November 20th at 13:00 UTC. Don’t miss out on the action! Join now at

Rules & logistics

  • Calendar: All league matches commence automatically at 19 UTC every day without requiring user interaction.
  • Lineup and Tactics: Teams will initiate matches using the last lineup and tactics set up in the Squad page.
  • Player eligibility: At the beginning of each season, we take a snapshot of your team's players and register them for the MSL. Only registered players are eligible to participate in MSL matches.
  • Player energy: Each player who participates in league matches will lose 20 points of condition. If a player plays less than 90 minutes, the condition loss is proportional.


This inaugural edition serves as a test run. While it will distribute rewards, –get ready for a spoiler– it won't award trophies or add stars to your team badge. After the fourth consecutive season concludes and we have a Division A champion, the league system will reset, with all teams beginning in Division D. This process will repeat until we reach the Beta version of the game.

While we'll make every effort to preserve the meta of each season, we'll also introduce bug fixes, enhancements, and adjustments that may impact game balance, the economy, and/or the simulation engine. MetaSoccer remains in its development phase, and our commitment to evolving and adapting is aimed at crafting the most fun and innovative football management experience possible.

These inaugural editions of the MSL are designed for you to have fun and be an integral part of the game's development journey that will undoubtedly revolutionize the world of football games.

Have fun and see you on the pitch!