MetaSoccer Custom League: Preseason 2 Stats

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August 8, 2023

A new chapter has been written in the MetaSoccer Custom League saga, and it's the story of teams making their maiden voyage into Division II. Squads from America, Europe, and Asia have taken to the field with renewed vigor, aiming to ascend and stake their claim among the elite.

Let’s dive into the review of the MetaSoccer Custom League Preseason 2!


Teams have fought valiantly during this preseason, showing off their skills. Behold a sneak peek into the frontrunners of each Division II group within every region, teams that have undoubtedly made their presence felt on the leaderboards.




Hats off to these exceptional teams for their incredible accomplishments during the course of Preseason 2!


As the preseason concludes, the upper echelon of Division II has revealed its victors securing their well-deserved passage to Division I. 




Conversely, those at the lower end will face relegation to the tier below, mirroring the process in Division III. 

Note that, in adherence to the League's guidelines, matchups between teams from the same club have been strictly avoided throughout the entirety of the competition. Therefore, should several teams from a single club clinch promotion, only the highest-ranked team will earn the opportunity to compete, with the remaining slots being occupied by the subsequent teams in the overall rankings.

A hearty round of applause goes out to the promoted teams for their remarkable accomplishments and strides forward!

Qualifications for SuperLeague

Division II's inaugural appearance has added an extra layer of intensity and competition. Following a heated clash during this preseason, the subsequent teams have risen as the contenders to secure their positions in the SuperLeague Edition 2.

Note that the MetaSoccer SuperLeague adheres to the same regulations as the MetaSoccer Custom League, meaning that teams from the same club are strictly prohibited from facing each other throughout the competition.

Kudos to these squads for securing their berths in the esteemed SuperLeague Edition 2! Anticipation is building as we eagerly await the exhilarating showdowns that lie ahead!

As Preseason 2 draws to a close, we extend our sincere felicitations to the teams who have exhibited their skill, unwavering commitment, and sheer love for the sport.

Gear up for the forthcoming season, where fresh trials, intense rivalries, and flashes of brilliance stand ready to greet us!

For more information regarding the standings, promotions and qualifications, please check the following links: