MetaSoccer League Edition 2

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December 21, 2023

The inaugural edition of the MetaSoccer League (MSL) has come to a thrilling close, leaving behind a trail of impressive statistics and unforgettable moments.

Here's a glance at the data that shaped MSL Edition 1:

  • A total of 2112 teams passionately engaged in the competition, showcasing their skills and strategic prowess. The matches were a testament to the intense and competitive spirit of the MetaSoccer community, with a remarkable 28,496 games played. Notably, a significant portion of the matches saw enthusiastic participation, while some concluded with forfeits.

Most Common Results

  1. 1-0 (27.6%)
  2. 0-0 (22.4%)
  3. 2-0 (15.7%)
  4. 3-0 (7.62%)
  5. 1-1 (6.31%)
  6. 2-1 (6.16%)

Standout Performances

As we gear up for MSL 2, we're thrilled to share some key points that will shape the upcoming season:

Division Adjustment

To accommodate the unexpectedly large number of registered teams, we're introducing a unique adjustment. Instead of promoting two teams from each Division D, the top 7 teams from each group will ascend. Additionally, the top 100 8th-placed teams in the global ranking will also earn promotion, making this a special celebration of the community's growth and progress with MetaSoccer.

Starting Point

Teams that registered after the start of MSL Edition 1 will start in Division D. Also, teams that didn't secure promotion will begin in Division D.

MSU Distribution and Rules

The MSU distribution for the upcoming edition will mirror the structure of the first edition. To be eligible for rewards, it will be necessary to have played a friendly match (PvE), conducted a scouting, or completed at least one training session during the course of the MSL.

Registration Deadline

Make sure to secure your spot as registration closes on Monday, January 8, at 13:00 UTC.

The much-anticipated MSL 2 kicks off on Monday, January 8, at 19:00 UTC.

As we reflect on the achievements of MSL 1 and eagerly anticipate the kickoff of MSL 2, the MetaSoccer community continues to thrive. Get ready for another season of fierce competition, unforgettable goals, and thrilling moments on the pitch!