MetaSoccer X Shirtum: Uniting Sports Communities

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December 22, 2022

When evaluating new partnerships, MetaSoccer seeks to bring additional advantages not only to the project itself but also to our community. We like to offer additional value in the form of access to special perks and opportunities in our already exciting game.

And our new partnership with Shirtum will do just that!

MetaSoccer and Shirtum signed a promising partnership that will offer Shirtum's collectibles based on the memorabilia of athletes and clubs within the first soccer metaverse. This contribution will expand the NFT collecting experience for our users.

Shirtum is a company specializing in digital sports memorabilia, which is building the first collect-to-experience (C2E) ecosystem where fans connect with athletes and clubs by acquiring, collecting, and exchanging exclusive NFTs. These digital assets will allow fans to participate in unique experiences both in real life, online, and now in MetaSoccer.

This partnership drives a strong statement of intent from both companies as the metaverse and NFT spaces continue to revolutionize the sports industry. The synergy between both projects seeks to explore and develop experiences that will be able to link MetaSoccer and its partners to all of Shirtum's partners — athletes, clubs, and brands.

From this agreement, both projects want their communities to start interacting and enjoying cross-benefits. To celebrate the partnership, over the next few days MetaSoccer’s community will enter the draw for unique NFT pieces from some of Shirtum's most emblematic collections (The Ronaldinhos and Los Cuervos de Boedo de San Lorenzo de Almagro), allowing the lucky ones to enjoy a new way of digital collecting in the world of football. On the other side, all users who have a Shirtum NFT in their wallet, together with the users in the staking ranking, will enter to win a team and begin their adventure within the soccer metaverse.

Both MetaSoccer and Shirtum will continue working together to create a space that will favor synergies between their teams to start developing more common use cases that will strengthen both communities.

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