Skill & Luck: The Mix of Champions

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October 24, 2022

In sports and games, just like in life, a continuous balance between individual capacities and luck exists. With some activities luck reigns supreme, like winnings from a lottery ticket, while others depend mostly on individual skills.

Skill-Luck Continuum

Soccer is one of the sports where, though skills are of the utmost importance, some random factors can have a huge influence on the outcome, like the weather or player health and even confidence.

That is precisely one of the best things about this sport and what makes fans come back for more: soccer is unpredictable, with a wide range of elements that influence the result of any match. 

Undoubtedly, the quality of players has a major role in a team’s achievements, but there’s much more to it — how many times have you seen a team considered to be much better and is defeated by a generally weaker team?

Although there are almost infinite variables that can determine the outcome of any soccer match, we divide them in four major categories: Players’ Skills, Tactics, Luck and Other Factors.

Let’s check how each one of these factors can affect the game in our metaverse soccer field:

  • Players’ Skills

This refers to the current overall of each player, which skills they have more developed and their special abilities. Together, it results in the overall of the team, which is the best indicator of that team’s quality.

  • Tactics

The knowledge and capacities of the manager in defining the better strategy for the team. In this case, it’s up to you to choose the best lineup and select the tactics that will optimize your players’ abilities.

  • Luck

A total random factor in all of our daily lives. It’s happenstance; simply some days go better than others, and that applies to digital soccer, too.

  • Other Factors

Currently, only the condition of players affects their performance, which can be perceived as other factors. We plan to enrich this segment and add other variables, like morale, injuries or spectator involvement, just to name a few.

In the MetaSoccer gameplay, we try to keep a correct balance that mimics real soccer matches. While individual skills and tactics play a major role in influencing an outcome, you need to take into account outside factors, and hopefully luck will be on your side!