The 5-Star Quest: a brand-new team rating system

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October 29, 2023

MetaSoccer is undergoing a transformation, and at the core of this evolution lies the introduction of the brand-new Star Rating System. This exciting shift marks a departure from conventional numerical ratings, introducing a dynamic, visually intuitive, and engaging way to evaluate football teams in the metaverse.

Why Stars?

The shift from a numerical system to stars is a reflection of our commitment to making MetaSoccer more accessible, engaging, and fun. Stars are universally recognized as a mark of excellence, providing a quick and visually intuitive method for assessing a team's quality, all while adding a touch of visual splendor to the game.

Prepare next match button showcasing the new star rating system

The Scale

Teams will now be rated on a scale ranging from 0 to 5 stars, with half-star increments. Each star represents a tier of excellence, with 0 stars indicating a team who is just starting their journey, and 5 stars signifying the absolute best.

Our design makes earning 5 stars quite challenging, as we believe true excellence should be hard to attain. Stars are determined based on the team's overall (OVR) rating using the following equation:

The equation categorizes teams into specific ranges, as illustrated in the following table:

Rating (stars) OVR range
0 [0, 4)
0.5 [4, 13)
1 [13, 22)
1.5 [22, 32)
2 [32, 42)
2.5 [42, 52)
3 [52, 62)
3.5 [62, 73)
4 [73, 84)
4.5 [84, 95)
5 [95, 100)


In conclusion, the introduction of the Star Rating System is poised to simplify how teams in the metaverse are evaluated. This shift from numerical to star ratings underscores our dedication to creating a more accessible, engaging, and fun game. The scale, ranging from 0 to 5 stars, introduces a visually intuitive way to assess team quality, with the quest for a coveted 5-star rating set to be a challenge, emphasizing the value of true excellence.

As you navigate the new MetaSoccer, we hope you enjoy every step of your quest to become a 5-star team, and may your journey be filled with excitement and fun!

See you on the pitch!