MetaSoccer Ola Champions Cup: Rules & Rewards

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October 2, 2023

Following the success of the MetaSoccer Ola District tournament, we are happy to announce a new sponsored competition that will run parallel to it: the MetaSoccer Ola Champions Cup.

The best teams from the Ola Districts will have a new opportunity to showcase their skills, win fantastic prizes and enter the MetaSoccer world in this tournament organized by Ola Guild Games.

Let’s delve into the details!


The MetaSoccer Ola Champions Cup introduces an exciting structure featuring three distinct Cups, each aligned with its respective District. This competition adopts a knockout (KO) format and each edition will take place right after the regular season.

The District 1 Cup will feature all the 16 teams who have participated in the Districts season. Similarly, the District 2 Cup will feature the 32 teams from the two groups of the Districts season. However, the District 3 Cup will only feature the best 32 teams from the five groups of the Districts season, so managers will have to battle fiercely during the regular season to earn a spot in the Cup.

The creator and manager of the MetaSoccer Ola Champions Cup is Ola GG — they will manage the registrations, the tournaments creation, the dates and the rules. We recommend following them on Twitter (OLA Guild Games) to make sure you don’t miss anything.

How to participate

The MetaSoccer Ola Champions Cup is exclusive for the managers who have competed in the Ola Districts season. To participate, you have to finish the MetaSoccer Ola District tournament among the classified teams from one of the three districts.


There is no entry fee to participate in the MetaSoccer Ola Champions Cup, so prizes come from sponsorship. The total prize pool for each district cup will be the following:

  • District 1 Cup - 4,365 $MSU
  • District 2 Cup - 4,080 $MSU
  • District 3 Cup - 3,570 $MSU

District 1 Cup prizes will be distributed among the top 4 teams, while District 2 and 3 Cup prizes will be distributed among the top 8 teams. The ultimate champion from each cup will undoubtedly secure the highest prize, but the remaining top teams will also be rewarded for their exceptional performance in the tournament.

This competition promises to be a spectacle of talent and strategy, as newcomers to MetaSoccer fight for supremacy. Each match will be a do-or-die battle, where only the strongest will survive and advance towards the ultimate glory!

The MetaSoccer Ola Champions Cup will start right after Season 6 of MetaSoccer Ola District at

For more information, please check the official website.