Latest Custom Tournaments Update

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June 21, 2023

Until recently, Custom Tournaments exclusively offered the "League" format for gameplay, providing players with a thrilling and long-term competitive experience. However, a few weeks ago, we introduced the highly anticipated "KO" format, where teams face off in a knockout-style format, experiencing a heightened level of thrill and intensity.

Today, we’re happy to announce the conclusion of the beta version for the "KO" mode! Here are the last changes implemented in the Custom Tournaments game:

Token Choice

We have activated the token choice feature. From now on, creators can select the token in which the competition takes place, allowing them to align the tournament with a particular financial framework. Currently, the options available are the following: 

  • MSU
  • MSC
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • DAI
  • USDT
  • USDC
  • wMATIC

This update brings flexibility and convenience, enhancing the overall tournament experience for both creators and participants — you can now compete and conquer in your preferred currency!

Advanced Options

In addition, tournament creators now have the ability to specify certain criteria during tournament creation, ensuring a more tailored and customizable gaming experience.

In the tournament creation page, below the basic form options, you will find the toggle list “advanced options”, where you can define the minimum number of players per team, the minimum and maximum players' age, and/or the maximum number of players with special abilities allowed in each team. 

Prize Pool Models

In League Tournaments, we have included the prize pool option for the best 14 teams that was specifically designed for divisions. The creator of the tournament can now decide to distribute the rewards between the following options:

  • Option 1 - Winner takes all: 1st 100%
  • Option 2 - Podium only: 1st 50%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20%
  • Option 3 - First six: 1st 40%, 2nd 25%, 3rd 15%, 4th 10%, 5th 6%, 6th 4%
  • Option 4 - First eight: 1st 30%, 2nd 20%, 3rd 14%, 4th 10%, 5th 8%, 6th 7%, 7th 6%, 8th 5%
  • Option 5 - First ten: 1st 24%, 2nd 15%, 3rd 12%, 4th 10%, 5th 9%, 6th 8%, 7th 7%, 8th 6%, 9th 5%, 10th 4%
  • Option 6 - First fourteen: 1st 18%, 2nd 13%, 3rd 10%, 4th 9%, 5th 8%, 6th 7%, 7th 6%, 8th 5%, 9th 4%, 10th 4%, 11th 4%, 12th 4%, 13th 4%, 14th 4%
  • Option 7 - First twenty: 1st 15%, 2nd 10%, 3rd 8%, 4th 6%, 5th 6%, 6th 5%, 7th 5%, 8th 5%, 9th 5%, 10th 5%, 11th 3%, 12th 3%, 13th 3%, 14th 3%, 15th 3%, 16th 3%, 17th 3%, 18th 3%, 19th 3%, 20th 3%

Divisions Tab

We've introduced a new main DIVISIONS tab in the homepage, allowing players to easily navigate through the tournaments that belong to this competition. It includes filters to find tournaments by region, division and game mode, among others, as well as a search bar to look for a particular tournament.

Additionally, as divisions follow up is public, this feature will allow everyone to easily follow the progress and news of these tournaments — a great way to expand the soccer metaverse experience!

With the beta version of the "KO" mode concluded, we have removed the entry fee cap. Creators now have the freedom to define the entry fee that players need to pay to join the tournament. Furthermore, sponsorship has been activated for KO tournaments, opening up opportunities for collaborations and additional rewards for participants.

Thank you to everyone who participated and provided valuable insights. The feedback and support from our dedicated community have been invaluable in shaping the Custom Tournaments game mode. 

Get ready to experience the thrill like never before!